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COMIC BOOK | Antxintxiketan: Lasterketa demokratikoa 1

We are glad to announce the the first chapter of ANTXINTXIKETAN was published today in comic book format in basque, spanish and english languages. This first chapter collects the first 20 pages published from december 10 to 19, 2015 in Frozeen and Facebok. Ian Nose has given some final touches to the drawing for this new paper edition.

BASQUE EDITION | Antxintxiketan: Lasterketa demokratikoa 1
Publisher: Ahabi Comics
Release date: 2016-XII-5
Language: Basque
Number of pages: 24
Size: 7 x 10 in (17.8 x 27.9cm)
Retail price: $3.75 | 3.3€ | 2.75£
ISBN-13: 978-1540711335
ISBN-10: 1540711331

AVAILABILITY Amazon JP: (Kindle only)
Amazon US: (Paperback & Kindle)
Amazon CA: (Paperback & Kindle)
Amazon UK: (Paperback & Kindle)
Amazon DE: (Paperback & Kindle)
Amazon FR: (Paperback & Kindle)
Amazon IT: (Paperback &a…