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COMIC | Antxintxiketan

The new comic by Ian Nose is here! The Spanish general elections are coming and this comic shows as a different funny way of understanding the political panorama in the country. Follow Antxintxiketan in Facebook and Frozeen in basque, spanish, spanish, catalan and galician and english. 

COMIC | Ed returns!!!

EdFramed is back for it's 3rd season! After a period of absense, Ian Nose seems to be ready for the 3rd season of EdFramed... Check it out everyday in english, spanish and of course basque! Follow Ed on facebook, instagram and the official Frozeen page!

COMIC | Hope

Here we have a brand new one page comic by Ian Nose. Read it in Basque, Spanish and english in our Frozeen page.

COMIC | EdFramed basque facebook page

We have just launched a basque version of  EdFramed's facebook page. Originally written in basque by Ian Nose, EdFramed was first published in November 21, 2011. Even it was published only for a couple of months, Ed returned just a few weeks ago in basque, english and spanish to our Frozeen page!
You can also follow EdFramed daily in basque on instagram

On August 7, 2018 all facebook EdFramed pages were merged in a single one:

WEB | EdFramed joins instagram!

We are launching the oficial instagram page of EdFramed, but instead of one there will be three pages in Basque, Spanish and English. (On August 7, 2018 all EdFramed pages were merged in one single account: @EdFramed) In them you will be able to read all the old strips published to this day as well as  stay tuned for the new ones to come!

COMIC | EdFramed is back

Three years after his last appearance, EdFramed has return to publication in our frozeen page! Available in basque, spanish and english! Don't miss it everyday. You can also follow EdFramed strips in english in his facebook page.


We've just published in our Frozeen page, in it's original basque language and also translated to spanish and english: MIDNIGHT COUGH, a four page story drawn by Ian Nose. Enjoy it HERE.