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COMIC | Guess who's coming back next January

We are happy to announce that Ian Nose's EdFramed is coming back next January! We wonder where he's been all this time... Meanwhile you can read the previous EdFramed strips published between November 21, 2011 and January 14, 2012 in basque, spanish and english in: FROZEEN

Like the official english language EdFramed facebook page and stay tuned to Ed's come back!

COMIC | Katuko

We have just published KATUKO, a 4 page oldie by Ian Nose in our Frozeen page. Available in original basque and with new translations to spanish and english. Check it out in FROZEEN. Ian Nose's KATUKO was submitted originally to the 'Saló de Manga de Barcelona' manga contest in October 2002.

WEB | Frozeeeeeeeeen!!!

We are thrilled to announce that from now on the center for our online publishing will take place in Frozeen an new platform for publishing comics online. All the content from will be moved there and new works will appear there eventually. We will continue publishing EdFramed and other comics in platforms like facebook and we are looking forward on expanding to other sociamedia sites soon.
Frozeen is a new publishing tool optimized for comics designed by AA&NN that lets publishing houses sort their authors and their works in an intuitive and simple way.